September 2014  
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Intermediate Staff

Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year!   I am looking forward to a brand new year and the opportunity to continue to improve upon our school community working closely with my “upstairs” colleague, Principal Tadduni.

Students are my first priority.  I encourage you to support our endeavors in creating a community of learners that are respectful, responsible and safe in all their choices.  Please remember those three words; they are the main tenents of PBIS (Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports) as well as the rules of our school.  

This year we welcome a new assistant principal, Ms. Melinda DiMaio.  Ms. DiMaio may be fondly remembered as an elementary music teacher here at Rondout for many years.  We are thrilled to have her return to us in this capacity.  Her philosophies regarding children and education are on board with what we are striving for here in the Intermediate School.  Please make sure you meet her!  We have also hired new staff in the areas of special education, music and technology.  Although we have bid adieu to some of our colleagues, we are excited to welcome new members to the Rondout Valley community.

A few changes have been made as well.  Our main office has had a “face lift”.  We hope that you will find it a positive and welcoming place to enter.  We have also tightened up our parent pick-up protocol in order to strengthen our safety measures.  All parents will come to the main doors, sign their child out and wait for them in the lobby area.  Ms. Cusher will now be sitting out in the lobby area to sign your children out and make sure they are matched with the correct adult.  Only students being picked up will exit through these doors.  Please make sure you arrive early so we can call for them before dismissal begins and also please bring photo identification.

I look forward to another year building collaborative partnerships to support your child’s educational experience.

Laura Ayasse
Intermediate School Principal
Rondout Valley Middle School 
“Home of the Middle Ganders”

Attention Parents:
Please call the Intermediate Office 687-2400 x4601/4602
 with your updated phone numbers. We have many home and cell phone numbers that are no longer in service and we need to have current information in case we need to contact you.

Parents and Guardians you may visit for more information regarding new Common Core curriculum in Math and English or follow the links below for a condensed version of that information.